Yamaha Triples
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The YTRIPLES-L Mailing List

Founded in 1996, the Yamaha Triples mailing list is one of the longest running lists on the Internet. It is a good source of information for these bikes.

Because we have been around a while, things get a little confusing when it comes to how the list is operated. Way back when, there was a service that archived mailing lists. This service eventually became eGroups. Then, after a number of years, Yahoo! acquired eGroups.

And now I've learned that there are other web sites that are archiving our list. There isn't much that can be done about things like that. What this means to you is that while we are a private mailing list, we actually have a presence on Yahoo! & other Internet web sites. You can read our messages via the web, or even have Yahoo! Groups or other web sites deliver them to your inbox. But unless you sign up here, you won't be able to post a message to the list.